Monday, January 9, 2012

Roller Coaster - Get me off this!!!

Oh well, this is not a Disney land nor its a poor man's Essel World.

Then what is Roller Coaster doing on the top of my damn blog?

Simple! I stole this idea from a girl. :D ;)

Ok, here is where we start with the actual etymology..

There are several explanations of the name roller coaster.
It is said to have originated from an early American design where slides or ramps were fitted with rollers over which a sled would coast.

This design was abandoned in favour of fitting the wheels to the sled or other vehicles.

In many languages, the name refers to "Russian mountains". Contrastingly, in Russian, they are called "American mountains".

And as far as I am concerned, Or " we " are concerned, Roller Coaster gives us a clear visual of the life ride.

Ill tell you how, keep reading..

People are classified as strong and weak. Some of them have a capacity to withhold their inner stanch tight enough that they don't crumb when they reach the top and fall back down.

But the ones whose stanch is weak, they throw up!

Lets rewind and see what they have done before getting on the roller coaster.

They gulped the entire crisps which they had in their bags. They rinsed their coke. They wolfed down the ham burgers for lunch. Now their bellies are full! :D

So, is how a human, before getting into a situation, gulps him self with many expectations. Rinses his vision. Wolfs down his common sense and keeps his mind full.

But when they get on the actual roller coaster , other people would be shouting , " Aaaaahhh woooo woooooo," but we ? We cry, " Damn, get me off this!!"

And then after some time, the stanch gets dried and we throw up!!

So is life ! We have expectations, we have imaginations and fantasies.
It can be any situation like a job interview, love proposal , marriage etc.

They are more or less resemble a mental roller coaster ride. And with all those expectations in our mind, when we get on to it, strong ones sustain, but weak ones throw up.

The best thing to do , at that point of time, is to get on to the roller coaster empty stomach.

You will not puke and you will enjoy the same way how others are doing. As simple as that..

But, you see strong people, who have expectations in their mind and hearts. Who are capable enough to fight back and win their stuff.

You would certainly wanna become strong like them. So the alternative for expectations is to have hope and faith.

Have a hope that when you get into a situation empty mind, you get to learn lot many new things and you enjoy the ride. At the same time, have faith in your selves that, even though life would take you through different ups and downs, your target would be achieved safe and sound and you can hear praises, loud and clear!!

Life is a roller coaster ride, get on empty, come back full!

*** PEACE ***

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