Tuesday, December 2, 2008


you know why elephant does'nt move from its place at all if it is tied to a small iron rod grumped into the ground?

If it tries it takes hardly a few seconds for the elephant to pull the iron rod out and run away. Because.. when the elephant was young.. the elephant keeper.. used to tie it to the same iron rod ... at that time.. the elephant must have tried tried and for a small elephant the iron rod is a tough task to pull out. Then it starts believing.. that it is impossible for it to pull it out.

It sets it mind completely. It suggests itself that it is practically impossible to pull the thing out. And it continues till its end. The whole life it believes that it cant pull that out and though when it becomes big.. it will never try to pull it out.


But a human being is very lucky! His mind set wil not continue till his end. It will change ogetn but slowley.

Faster change of mind sets is the best thing to be done! For example.. I have some question for the readers.

there is a roman number IX. its 9! Not just by adding one more symbol or anything.. I should make it 6. How can I?

Intelligent people can spot it in seconds! very intelligent people will spot it in a flash!

Now please stop sticking around that roman number thing! Just ry to think differently! Ull get the answer!

By adding "S" in front of the roman number IX we can get SIX! right??

SO the person who thinks differently .. if he tries new.. if his perspective is different then definitely he can achieve anything!

Mega star chiranjeevi says : " I failed tenth twice. I also failed in my higher studies. Some of my films are big flops!

Ill not say I failed 1000 times. I will say I discovered 1000 ways that can cause failure! "

These are really golden words spoken by a cool actor! Thats really cool!

Ny ways... thanks for studying this viewers! Ill get u some other hot stuff next week right here in gettags.blogspot.com!

Thanks a lot!

stay beautiful!

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