Tuesday, January 17, 2012

conversational hypnosis : Can do good or freak you harder!

Among the sacred texts of the Hindu
religion is a book called the Bhagavad Gita.

It tells the story of a royal prince,
Arjuna, who is called upon to fight
to regain his rightful throne, stolen
by rivals who happen to be relatives.

Before the battle, Arjuna is filled with
doubt and hesitates to fight his own kin.

The god Krishna appears as a charioteer named
Bhagavan to provide advice and guidance...

...and ultimately Arjuna follows his path
as the warrior and hero he was meant to be.

Fast forward to 1931 for the setting of
one of my favourite movies,

"The Legend Of Bagger Vance".

Set in Georgia, USA, it tells the story
of a young man, Rannulph Junuh.

He was once a promising golfer with a
glittering future ahead of him.

But traumatized after fighting in
the First World War, he returned home
to live a shadowy life as a drunk,
no longer interested in or seemingly
able to play golf.

Years pass and then one day he is
invited to take part in an exhibition
match involving the two best golfers of
that era, Bobby Jones and Walter Hagen.

Junuh's role is to make up the numbers and
add a "local boy" angle to the match.

He accepts the invitation after much
hesitation and starts to get ready
for the match.

While practicing, Junuh is approached by a
mysterious traveller called Bagger Vance.

Vance offers to caddy for Junuh, who
takes up the offer.

The rest of the movie tells how Vance
helps Junuh come to grips with his
personal demons...

...and play golf successfully once again
and with the passion he once had.

In other words Junuh follows his path as
the golfer he was meant to be.

It's a wonderful movie with many great
moments and insights along with some
delightful examples of conversational
hypnosis from Bagger Vance.

That's right, the wise Bagger very subtly
gives guidance and advice using many of the
same techniques you know as conversational hypnosis.

So it's well worth checking out the movie
to study those examples...and there's
another reason.

I'm not sure if everyone has a path or
destiny that they are meant to follow...

...but I know from my own experience
that some people certainly do.

And if that includes you, then you'll
never be truly happy or fulfilled unless
you do follow that path.

Only you know what's right for you.

Whatever that might be.

And that might include using hypnosis as
a force for good in the world.

But there are people in this world, who use the conversational
hypnosys for wrong purposes. Watch out!!

Don't let fear and doubt stand in your way.

The world would be a poorer place without your


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