Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Srilankan Mythology

Srilankan government proves that the existence of demon raavana is not a myth. Its a truth.
20 Years before a tribal entered a cave deep inside the forests of srilanka and discovered a coffin in which he found a dead body and after deep studies and researches by the Srilankan government and scientists through out the world .. its been proved that the dead body in the coffin belongs to Demon Raavanan un folding the mystery behind the myth Ramayan.

The tribal who reached the coffin had to face a couple of giant snakes ( the king cobras ) which were much more larger than usual. But this guy being a tribal is an expert in snake handling skills. He managed to skip those snakes and entered deep into the cave where he found the coffin placed with pretty decorations around. He also found some pots and plates around the coffin.There were marks of some organic substance present in those pots and plates which stated that.. some food items were placed in those.. so that the soul will not stay hungry during its journey towards heaven.

And also doubts are being raised regarding those large snakes. It is believed that the place where the coffin is placed its a dense forest and some plants in there are very important medical herbs which have a capacity to keep things fresh for a longer time and the same herb is used while mummifying some body.May be raavana was mummified using those herbs. And since its a dense forest .. it is obvious that the king cobras will spook around and might have drunk the water where the herbs might have grown giving them strength to live longer and grow giant.

So these things are hard to believe.. but lets see what happens in future.

But some secrets are good to remain secrets because.. in case if the coffin is opened and some thing wrong happens to the world.. then who is responsible?? No one!! Because.. every one would be dead till then..!!!

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