Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Human Relations!!

For a successful team work and a proper functioning of an organisation... Human Relations are tha basis! If proper human relations are carried out... then there is a definite scope for positive communications between the team , friends , family and even at the office!

The only key to the verification of what we speak is...

Think what u r talking! :

Before splitting something... think twice! The brain is very fast! Faster than light , air , sound etc!
So thinking twice is not going to take much time!

Process what U did !! :

After talking or doing something... just think once.. what U did! Like.. whether U did it correctly or not! If not.. then what are all the things I must take care the next time!

Be cool and calm :

Girls never like a guy who keeps on bluffing or talking all the time! They will like a guy who is really manly and calm! A guy's real manly nature will exactly contain .. good communication skills , good habits , sense of "good" humour and also some amount of toadiness!

Not only girls but also an organisation will never like a boring guy to come into their company! They need some one who is calm by nature but very active!

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